Column sheet paper making sector capable of producing wet paper sheets diameter mm 200.
Upper plexiglass cylinder 12 liters capacity graduated and overturnable.
The parts in contact with the stock are realized in phosphorous bronze or stainless steel.
The lower part of the column, in bronze, is varnished with epoxy material.
Taps and fittings in phosphorous bronze for water feeding, for air injection in the double mixing rings of the stock, for suction draining.
Vacuum meter for vacuum evaluation after the sheet is formed.
Wire and under-wire in phosphorous bronze or stainless  steel. Upper part closure with eccentric device.

A – Metallic table with upper part in laminated foil mm 700x1100x800 h.
B – Low tension instruments (24 V) comprising: n.1 vacuum-meter 0-76 cm Hg – n.1 electrical switch run-stop for the main electro pump – n.1 timer – n.1 spy lamp run-stop for the main electro pump – n.1 spy lamp for hot water circulation – n.1 electronic water temperature’s thermo regulator range 0-100°C (with block at 96 °C  to avoid the boiling) – n.1 single phase transformer 220/24 V for the contactors.
C – N.2 three-way cocks for inserting-exclusion column’s and dryer’s services.
D – N.1 three-speeds self priming electro circulator for hot water (35-65 W).
E – N.1 hot water boiler with resistance 2000 W.
F – N.1 phosphorous bronze dryer, with hot water circulation regulated in the upper part and cold water in the lower part for the formation of the condensate. The dryer is provided with wire and under-wire in phosphorous bronze or stainless steel and operates under vacuum. Neoprene diaphragm and under copper condenser.
G – N.1 glass vacuum accumulator.
H – Water arrival cock from the net.
I – Main electro pump for the services air-water-vacuum 1,1 kW 380V 3-phase 50 Hz.
L – Relying piping in reinforced pipes.
M – Special device for application of the wires to their frame and one pressure roll felt covered.

Electric supply: this apparatus must be feed with 3phase 380 V 50 Hz line with 3 phases + 1 neutral + 1 earth, total 5 wires.